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okoIP is serious about your online privacy whether you are a business or an individual.

This site has been set up to help provide you with information "to help take control back of your online profile".

At okoIP we respect the sanctity of your information and your right to keep your information in your control and are developing a range of products and services to assist you.

The proliferation of social media, along with the newly exposed PRISM program and the implementation of the US Patriot Act has fundamentally changed the way in which we and the US Government's perceive privacy and the right to our online information.

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Convenience is always sacrificed in the name of security. Whether that is evidenced by body scanners and a proliferation of TSA agents at airports, or the need to use two factor authentication when accessing our private information.
We make sacrifices everyday, or at least have them imposed on us, it stands to reason that we would make those same sacrifices to protect our data and online identity.
What Can You Do?
You should consider moving your online assets including; domain name and website to an offshore location safeguarding your information and identity. Click Here to start the process

It is essential to find a location who respects your information and the sanctity of privacy and the right to free speech. Iceland is one such place and the home of the okoIP primary servers ... see more at immi.is
Here at okoIP we are implementing solutions on our servers in Iceland, as well as developing mobile solutions to replace the US based, now known to be compromised applications.
There are different aspects to protecting your online assets and identity, as well as ensuring your privacy is protected wherever possible.
Some Tools We Use
Applications should use storage provisioned in non US based data centres owned by bib US companies.
There are secure applications that provide similar yet more secure instances of your current applications

File Storage
Dropbox vs SecureCloud
Register for a SecureCloud account and encrypt and store your data securely in Iceland away from the US and PRISM

Domain Registration
Go Daddy vs okoDomain
Register your domain with a non .com address at okoDomain. Set up your server and have the traffic forward to your secure server that the US intelligence agencies can't automatically call

Data Encryption
You should encrypt your data before posting it to the cloud. Here are three tools that we use to secure our data both on our devices but also in the cloud

SecureCloud Beta program starting.

Register Now to become part of our staged release Beta Trial
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To provide anonymous services we are part of the Tor hidden service network. To help keep these services alive please donate by clicking on the PayPal link below.

Encryption takes on different forms depending on the role that is being undertaken.

This page provides information on what items should be considered and what tools are available,

Generally we believe encryption is required at the following layers.
Who we are
okIP.com has been set up in Iceland to safeguard your digital assets including domain names, email, website and data.
Iceland is establishing itself as the "swiss bank of data" … see more at immi.is
Contact us
Email us at info@okoip.com
What we do
We provide web hosting, email hosting and security services through our Iceland hosting services
We have developed products that will help to secure your online assets