The okoIP suite of products for your protection

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Parking, registering or hosting your domain in a safe jurisdiction with anonymity to protect your identity -
Transfer or order your domain now
SecureCloud: an online secure file repository service that will sync your data to all of your devices as well as encrypt your files BEFORE loading them to your cloud storage. (live)
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oko - Eris
Secure mobile devices designed and prepared to help maintain anonymity. Direct encryption of your files and some phone calls.
Providing hosting services on our servers protecting you from takedown orders

We live in an always on world where we keep our life in the cloud and interact via social networks, immediately capturing moments of our lives and posting it to the web. Whether using a smartphone, tablet, sms, or a traditional computer, there is now more than ever a need to look at how you use the technology and how exposed you are.
SMS is a way of life for many people especially in the third world, however it still competes favourably with twitter, Facebook and instant messaging products.
How do you go about securing an SMS, where important information needs to be passed but then you need to be assured its deleted.
Wickr: Securely send messages, images and files knowing that the message will self destruct at the right time.
Espionage: A mac product that hides and encrypts your data, adding an additional layer of security should your device be compromised.
Apps From Amazon
With the high take up of smartphones and tablets, we are all used to cloud based services now to store and synchronise our data.
None are more prolific than Dropbox, iCloud and SkyDrive.
How do you go about getting the convenience of these products with the security no longer afforded because of the PRISM program?
BoxCryptor: BEFORE sending ANY personal or private data to your cloud facility, you should encrypt it. BoxCryptor is our product of choice

Help protect your 4th amendment rights by encrypting your data BEFORE you send it to your cloud storage

Orbot: Connect your android mobile device to the TOR network and anonymise your browsing habits. Route your apps over the TOR network instead of the internet further anonymising your location
SecureCloud is your secure Iceland based data storage and synchronisation centre

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