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FBI Takedown
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Imagine a scenario where you wake up and go to check your mail and find no response from your servers. You then check your site and its gone. Just an FBI takedown notice because someone nefarious used the same hosting service.

How will you proceed from here? How will you confirm any of your online credentials that all resolve to that domain? How will you get back up and running?

Can you afford to wait for this to happen??
Transfer your domain now!!
Securing your domain and where it resolves is key to maintaining control over your online identity.

Protecting your domain name is one thing but more important is to protect your identity. This is done when you transfer your domain to us using our ID Services product.

Start the process now by entering your domain name in the box on the right.

Secure Browsing - VPN

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If you want to hide your IP Address or gain access to content from overseas then you NEED a VPN.
We have become aware of issues with a number of VPN services and so provide the following link for your own research.
When we are happy with a provider we will post it here.

Secure Browsing - TOR

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To truly secure your browsing experience you should use the TOR network.
The TOR network provides access to "the hidden network" where further anonymous secure services are available.

ID Security

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Why open your company to litigation by making it easy for people to identify who owns your site.
Secure your ID now using our anonymising service

SSL Certificates

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Show people you are serious about their privacy.
Secure your site with a digital certificate now