For secure hosting services

blankspace has servers in a number of locations, however our primary servers are located in Iceland.
Besides being an eco friendly hosting centre, Iceland offers very strong data privacy protection and freedom of expression.
Establishing hosting with us is as easy as clicking here to get you started.
By hosting your sites in Iceland you are provided with a buffer from US oversight or control.
Takedown notices are far harder to obtain and even harder to enforce, for sites that are not hosted in the US.
Information from offshore is harder to access and subpoena, and depending on how it is stored, may be protected under a variety of international treaties.
Should you wish to secure your identity while hosting, can help.
Our packages are designed for everyone to take advantage of protecting their right for free speech and protecting your online identity.
Whether you are a blogger or a business we have a package for you.
Although rates are higher than what you are used to in the United States, you are free from the vagaries of the government and it is much harder for you to be subjected to US law.
October Special - if you type in the coupon code OctSite we will take 50% off your order
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Greater security coming soon with Hidden Services servers.

Looking to host confidential information "off the net". okoIP will soon be offering web server services on the TOR Network.
The identification of your server and the appropriate access will only be known to you and who you tell.
The system works on a zero memory basis, which means we have NO WAY of identifying you, your data or your password.

If you lose your password we cannot retrieve it or your data